Friday, March 18, 2011

Fanya Rodman Devitt - Cathy's side

I found grandma's marriage entry.  It was in Michigan, not Niagra Falls.  I thought she told me she was married in Niagra Falls...guess she just went on her honeymoon there.  She relayed to me that she took Tillie Wirth (then Soloman) her best friend,  with her on her honeymoon with Cy.  She laughed about that.   When they married grandma stated her residence was Michigan, in 1924 and Cy also.  Her occupation:  actress....  laugh for all those who knew her!.  Drama queen yes, actress.. ??? .maybe her dancing shows had her acting in some portions.  She once told me of a male dancer who threatened to throw her off his shoulder into the orchestra pit, and she just yanked hard on his hair to stop him.  She said the life of "road dance performers" was sickening.   

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