Friday, March 18, 2011

Richard Barlow

After 20 years of looking for Richard Barlow's father, Charles, in Lancashire, we finally found him in Yorkshire. That section of Yorkshire/Lancashire was called the Riding area.  It was an industrial area where mostly cloth was manufactured.  It was like going from North Salt Lake into Salt Lake for all the factories were together but some were in different counties.  So we found Charles because he was known to be a "dyer" as stated on his son's marriage certificate.  On the 1851 census (after Richard has migrated to Wisconsin) we asked the search engine to find all Charles Barlow's born about the time he would have been born,  and found  a Charles "a dyer" in Yorkshire.   The street was Rawthorpe and when we checked Richards' one child's birth certificate, it was in Yorkshire on that street at that address!  We always wondered why that child was not born in Lancashire. Charles's wife was Hannah Jubb, and she was from that section of Yorkshire. 

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