Friday, March 18, 2011


James Devitt and Catherine Delaney of Irish parents were both born in Rosemount, Dakota County, Minnesota.  They moved to Winnepeg, Canada, where James Cyril Devitt was born and raised.  It was told to me that the reason he left the US was he didn't like the taxes.  I believe the railroad coming through before 1900 allowed them access out of Minnesota and up to Winnepeg.   Winters aren't much different!    James Cyril Devitt married Fanya Rodman (Grandma Russia as we call her) and they moved to Windsor, Canada, to a small place called Sandwich.  They have been found in the old city directories there.  Grandma said she took a ferry from Detroit to Canada and found a lovely cottage with flowers that she just had to live in.  There are many records of Cy and Grandma coming across to the US a few times.     Cy's brother Lewis was a family secret until we uncovered him.  Grandma did not know her husband had a brother.   He had several children in the US as well.    James Devitt, Cy's father died in Detroit around 1930.  Cy was a dispatcher and had very good carpenter skills which mom inherited, as well as Jack.  And Bill!

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  1. Hi Cathy, Louis A. Devitt was my grandfather; James Cyril Devitt's brother, so James Cyril would have been my great-uncle. Would love to swap stories/pictures with you. I have an tree.